Welcome to A-3001 Technology

A-3001 Technology provides environmentally friendly Induction and LED Lighting products, anywhere in the United States.

A-3001 Technology is a market leader as Induction Lighting Suppliers.

We offer the very best in LED and Induction Lighting Technologies such as led light bulbs, energy efficient lighting systems for commercial lighting and residential lighting.

Our Induction Lights come in a variety of different wattages and can last for up to 100,000 lifespan hours with a 5 year warranty. The Induction bulbs work perfect at the following different locations: parking lots, street lights, walkways, gas stations, garages, Landscape and more. Our LED lighting comes in many different sizes: 4-foot, 6-foot par bulbs with 2-year warranties. All of our Bulbs are 100% recyclable, with no mercury vapor. They are guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. It’s a Green product. The utility companies offer rebates, when switching to LED or Induction Bulbs.

A-3001 Technology offers all our customers a “Service You Can Depend On” We’ve been in business for 14 years. All customers are welcome from Consumer, Builders, Electricians, Commercial, Residential, Municipalities, Country Clubs, Hospitals, etc.

A-3001 is all about bringing you the “Best Products” available to fit your needs. We have a track record, saving our customers Money, saving energy and bring you a product that lasts.

Our Services

At A-3001, we offer one-on-one support. We will help you choose which Induction or LED bulb works best for you. As lighting specialists, you can just let us know what you need and we'll find the right solution.

Lighting Products

We offer the highest quality in craftsmanship in our LED and Induction light bulbs.
We will go the extra distance to make a product that will last.

Our Warranty

A-3001 offers you one of the best warranties in the industry on Induction lighting (5 years) and LED lighting (2 years). If you require a longer warranty, we can arrange this as well.