The Benefits

Induction Lighting is the most energy efficient light source available today.

100,000 hour life span (22 Years @ 12 hours a day)

5-year warranty

No electrodes & no filaments

Improved Security

Wide range of color temperatures (3500K 6500K)

Instant start and re-strike capabilities

Dimmable Ballasts

Wide operating temperatures (-40F to +122F)

White/daytime light (90+ CRI)

.92 power factor

100% flicker free / no hum / no strobing

98% efficient 2% ballast overhead loss

80 92 lumens per watt

Lumen maintenance of 80% at 90% of rated life span

Wide range of wattages

120 volt 277volt 347 volt ballasts

A-3001 lighting system has a 100,000 hour rated life. In a typical industrial or municipal application, that means you might have to wait 22 years before the lamp needs to be changed! As the visible light is created by fluorescence, the lamp operates at a relatively low temperature and is therefore exceptionally energy efficient, producing up to 150* lumens per watt.

The instant strike and re-strike nature of our induction lighting, has significant benefits from a security and energy perspective. Lights can be turned off when not in use, or there is no user activity. When motion is detected or lighting is required, they turn on instantly and warm up to full output in under 3 seconds.

Unlike the early induction lighting technologies, A-3001 externally ballasted lamps are dimmable. Dimming induction lights can be used to improve energy efficiencies, for example in tunnel applications, by monitoring exterior light levels with an adaptive control system and adjusting the internal light levels accordingly.

What Is Induction Lighting?

A fluorescent lamp without electrodes or filaments. Rings with magnetic coils create an electromagnetic field using a high frequency generated by the electronic ballast. This field goes around the glass filled tube. Electrons discharged by the magnetic coils collide with mercury atoms inside the tube and become excited. These electrons give off energy in the form of invisible UV light. The conversion to visible light occurs when it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the tube.

The lamp therefore relies on the fundamental principles of friendly gas to produce light. As a result, each lamp offers an unmatched lifespan. They can last longer than100 incandescent bulbs, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes.

A-3001 induction lamps have a long life span due to the lack of internal electrodes and very high energy efficiency due to high frequency electronic ballasts which are 98% efficient.

A-3001 products provide 100,000 hours of service before re-lamping.