A Local Business Owner

A local business owner was using 122 32 watt fluorescent U-shaped bulbs plus ballasts, which is equivalent to approximately 96 watts per fixture:

"The energy savings are mind-boggling. Now using the existing fixtures the electrician retrofitted 61 of the fixtures with one 40 watt Induction bulb and ballast. The replacement is equivalent to 42 watts of energy. We saw a decrease of over 55%, in our energy costs, since using this new green product. We are extremely happy with the new induction lighting""

In Hackensack, NJ

"We called and asked A-3001 to help us save money on our Lighting Products inside and outside. We were looking for a bulb that would give us long life span, Green product and be cheaper to run. David from A-3001 suggested using the Induction bulb for inside or outside use. The customer was having some issues, with the outside lights. The Metal Halide 400 watt bulbs and ballast had burned out. So we had our electrician, Install the Induction 150 watt Globe Bulbs. These bulbs should last approx. 80,000 hours. Great job A-3001, we are enjoying our new look. These bulbs give off a beautiful light, nice bright and white.

A-3001, wow I can’t believe how bright these are. The high pressure sodium lights would take time to warm up. The Induction bulbs are bright in less than 3 seconds…Wow. Every time the lights come on they are bright. That is instant strike…"

In Delray Beach, Florida

"We used new cast aluminum Landscape fixture and wall packs, using the 40 watt Induction bulb with 5000 k.

It looks awesome, it’s so bright, we are going Green, saving energy and money... We are even using the Induction bulbs by the pool. We are ecstatic and happy with the end result"